We all know about the much talked internet revolution. But we have a new storm brewing. A revolution in the making. Are you ready to be a part of the emerging world of mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing ServicesMarketing has transitioned from radio to the television, to the computer and now right to the consumer’s pocket. The rise of smartphones is opening the gates to welcome a far more convenient mode of marketing that is on-the-go and fast which is mobile marketing.

This rise of mobile internet users is leading to a big paradigm shift in marketing. The sheer numbers backing mobiles, give it an edge over the other mediums. Due to this shift, it is crucial to optimize your mobile website and mobile application along with optimizing website on desktop.

By not employing mobile marketing strategies to your business, you’re falling behind. Mobile marketing solutions can give a significant boost to your overall marketing deeds.

As a digital agency, we do realise that mobile marketing is the game changer of the digital era. With our SEO Services, we also offer mobile marketing services with the help of which you can deliver value to your customer directly. Mobile marketing being new, can pose a challenge to many companies, which is why we step in and do the needful for your business to achieve its goal.

A good grasp on mobile marketing can ensure your brand ranks better among competition and stays ahead of it. There are a lot of platforms for mobile marketing where you can give your brand an advantage such as App Store Marketing, App Store Optimization on iOS and Google’s Android Play Store. We also offer App Store Search Optimization for mobile apps which enables your app to rank well among your competitors.

The mobile revolution isn’t coming soon. It has well arrived. You can utilise our mobile marketing services which we have crafted staying updated with the emerging times of the internet.

Our Mobile Marketing Services include:

App-based marketing: Utilising services like Google AdMob, we customise mobile ads to appear within third-party mobile applications.

In-game mobile marketing: Banner pop-ups, full-page image ads or video ads can be infused between loading screens of games.

QR codes: Scanned QR codes operate as an intermediate to take users to a specific webpage.

Location-based marketing: Ads are pushed on mobile devices based on the user’s location relative to a specific area or business.

SMS marketing: An old trick of forwarding SMS to a user’s phone number and informing them with text offers.

Mobile search ads: These are Google search ads for mobile including options of click-to-call or click-to-download which generate a link for the aforesaid action.

Mobile site links: With mobile site links you enable the user to jump to specific pages of your website without drifting around.

Pull us in to strategize how your company can gear up to take advantage of our mobile marketing services. Get in touch with us today.


Rank. Reveal. Reap. That’s the App Store Optimization objective summed up in three words. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the science behind helping relevant users discover your mobile app in an app store such as Google Play, iTunes or Blackberry World, and inducing them to download it.

App Marketing ServicesWith over 1.6 mn mobile apps scrambling for attention and 50-60% of all apps being found through app store searches, this undoubtedly remains the single largest corridor for app discovery. Not only do these statistics echo the need for App Store Optimization, they also reveal that ASO is more than just an important cog in the wheel of a Mobile App Marketing strategy. In fact, it is a propellant.

Rank via Ingenious App Marketing Strategy

Just as our effective SEO program helps in ranking and increasing visibility of your website, our powerful App Store Optimization strategy does the same for your mobile app in the battleground of app stores, helping it to flag its presence and compete amongst brands and competitors who may have larger advertising budgets.

Reveal by Peculiar Mobile App Marketing

After an app is discovered by a potential customer, it needs to reveal its description in a concise and clear manner while showing its relevance and providing a compelling reason for the user to consider downloading it. This is not as simple as it may sound. Since most apps use the phone’s internal memory which is non-expandable, users are conscious about rationing the available space and rationalizing downloads. Be prepared to compete not just with apps similar to yours in the app store, but also with apps from other categories already downloaded in the user’s phone because s/he may need to uninstall one or more apps to free space in order to download yours. So the stakes are high.

Our comprehensive ASO solution includes crafting effective content for the app description and selecting the most relevant and appealing screenshots and icons to induce the user to hit the ‘download’ button. These are some of the factors that can help improve ranking. Use our extensive domain knowledge and creative expertise for creating an impactful trailer video for your app. Videos are now gaining popularity in app marketing strategies and influencing users more than ever before. A well-scripted and slickly produced video can serve as your mouthpiece in making that first and last impression.

Reap through Creative App Store Optimization

Finally, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Downloads matter. Growth in downloads, app usage and reviews matter even more, linking back to ranking in app stores. It’s interrelated. So a worthwhile app that is easily found, well-promoted and reviewed, spurs its own growth. To know how you can increase app downloads and benefit from App Store Optimization in your Mobile App Marketing strategy, give us a call today.